• The company has created Mam Boranith and Ms. Yorn Sokheng in 2001 called Levi. SI. Phil. Sweden. Advertising has a staff of 5 people located Address House 104E0 Street 143 Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang II, Phnom Penh.
• the company sees market growth and intense competition the company decided to throw a soft additional equipped with modern automated, such as printers Khneas large 2 units to serve the needs of customers for cartridges type of Baghdad and image large-scale and machine Ito Philistines bill along and machine Malay syringes for cutting, such as polyethylene, stainless steel alloy of wood.
• Sight vision evolution of the country, the company has registered trade laws to the government required in 2011 under the name granite. Screws. ISO. Phil .. Decor, attracting many foreign customers who have come to invest in Cambodia, and a number of local as well!
• The company has set such a standard part
• The office employs 12 people divided into three parts receptionist, accounting, design and layout.
Workshops have three locations
• 1st workshop for producing metal parts for the brand and large-scale billboards
• Workshop 2 - cabinets and other furniture
• Workshops 3rd Princess and Le Service stainless steel, resins and wood
• To date, the company employs 63 people and employs 20 people floating employment for our customers, divided into groups and for monitoring each company currently has customers who ordered:
• 1) .New Link Pte. (Revlon)
• 2) .N.e.x. Co., Ltd (Honda)
• 3) .G Gear Co., Ltd (LG)
• 4). Bat (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (555 x ARA)
• 5). Branch of LG Electronic Thailand (LG)
• 6). MSA
• 7). Top One Co., Ltd (Top One)
• 8). Planet Co.Ltd
• 9). Branch of thai SamSung Elestronic Co., Ltd (SamSung)
• 10). Hybrid Advertising.
• 11). Draft Advertising.
• 12). Prudential (Cambodia Life Insurance PlC)
• 13). BayonTv
• 14). TV 5Cambodia
• 15). Other .............
Second Termination of the company sincerely hope that the company and received the support of more customers from what once domestic and abroad, and pledged to strive most attention on quality and service and price to repay customers who trust and support so far.



Address: No 24E0, St. 288, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Tel: 012 765 920 / 011 951 555/016 739 973
Email: vip_advertising@yahoo.com